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Belarus 520

Due to the versatility and basic and additional equipment for building-block design the tractor may be used in various combinations for the agricultural purposes. The tractors equipped with attached, semi-attached, towed, and semi-towed implements can produce different kinds of operations. The 520 BELARUS tractor is the vehicles the user may exploit over the year without any demurrage costs, due to versatility and easy operating.The list of the main branches where this tractor is successfully exploited can satisfy any customer.

1. Plant Cultivating: vehicles; loading machines; general tillage; surface tillage; applying fertilizers; chemical treatment of the plants; cultivating and harvesting of crops, potato, beetroot, corn, vegetables; flax harvesting; fodder stocking.



General data
Wheight, kg 3340
Shipping Weight, kg 3460
Operated Weight, kg 3430
Maximum allowable weight (total), kg 3870
Wheelbase, mm 2370
Overall dimensions
– Length, mm 3815
– Width, mm 1970
– Height, mm 2550
Rated Power, kW (hp) 45,6 (62)
Factor of torque backup, % 15%
Power train
Gearbox Mechanical, step-by-step
Front Driving Axle (FDA)
Axle type 3-component
Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft
Rear PTO: +
Mounted hydraulic system (MHS)
Rear MHS: +
Hydraulic Sistem
Maximum Pressure, MPa 20
Pump Capacity, l/min 45
Running System
Wheel Arrangement 2X4
Type Wheel


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