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Belarus 921.4

Wheeled tractors Belarus-921 and its amendments are designed to perform various agricultural works with mounted machinery, semi-mounted and trailed, transport, agriculture and gardening. Garden Tractor 4×4 – is a modification of wheeled tractors universal BELARUS – 922 for vineyards and orchards, characterized by small size and ground clearance and are designed to perform some work on plantations, fruit orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens, and in industry, construction, utilities and transportation, aggregate machinery, agricultural machinery mounted, semi-mounted and towed to be mounted, mounted and trailed machines and stationary activities by connecting the PTO shaft.



Model D-245.5 S3A Euro-3
Power (kW/CP) 70/95
Speed (rpm) 1800
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder diameter 110/125
Fuel Tank capacityMaximum torque, N/m (g/hph) 386 (39)
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kwh (g/hph) 217 (160)
Working volume, L 4,75
Maximum torque, (Nm) kgs/m 451 (43,7)
Torque backup, (%) 20
Fuel tank capacity, (l) 95
Clutch dry, one-disk
Gearbox mechanical, fixed-ratio


Number of speeds: (Forward/Reverse) 18/4
Operating speed:

– forward

– reverse




Rear PTO – independent, two-speed
– independent I, rpm

– independent II, rpm

– synchronised, rev/m of travel




Hydraulic Hitch
Strengthened, with hydraulic hoist, with two vertical cylinders, with force

and position working depth control.

Lifting capacity at lower-link ends, kN 4000
Maximum pressure, kgf/sq. cm 200
Pump output, L/min 45
Capacity of hydraulic system, L 21
Dimensions and Weight
Lenght, mm 4230
Length with front/back hitch linkage, mm 4500
Width, mm 1550
Height, mm 2350
Tread, mm: front wheels 1270-1350
Tread, mm: frear wheels 1160-1640
Operational weight, kg 3925
– front

– rear



Steering Control
Hydrostatic, with: metering pump and hydraulic steering cylinders in steering linkage.
Safe (ROPS), complies with OECD requirements, with air filtering and heating, opening side windows, rear window and roof hatch, electric wipers for windshield and rear window.
Front hydraulic clutch system.


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